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MTZ Belarus Tractors
MTZ Belarus tractors
 MTZ Belarus Engines
MTZ Belarus Engines



Mini vehicles and compact tractors Mini vehicles and compact tractors Versatile row-crop tractors Versatile row-crop tractors
General purpose tractors General purpose tractors Ploughs Ploughs
Municipal vehicles Forestry vehicle
Special purpose vehicles Specifications

 Spare parts

  MTZ Belarus Tractor T-150K Tractor
  T-40 Tractor MTZ Belarus 50-52 Tractor
  T-25 Tractor K701 Tractor
LTZ-60 Tractor UMZ Tractor
T-30 Tractor VTZ2048 Tractor
  DON-1500 Agricultural machinery
Bearings Fastening
BelAZ LMR Azene Spreader
PRT Spreader MAZ Truck


Our company "Ziand" exists from 1994 has an operational experience in foreign trade activities in the markets of Europe and Asia. The mainstream is an export delivery of the spare parts, component parts and units of Belarus tractors of the"Belarus" trademark, heavy-load vehicles of the"MAZ" trademark and their YaMZ engines. And also under the order delivery of trucks, agricultural machinery and Belarus parts to them produced by manufactures of Belarus, Russia etc. more...

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